The safety valve, hydraulic buffer tank and pump selections

The Selection of Buffer Tank
The safety valve, hydraulic buffer tank and pump selections
There are two types of connections for healthy hydraulic balance tank
- The connection region of tank is empowered with a special T-bracket to ensure continuously circulation.
- By applying doubly-entry connection, the continuous circulation of feeding water is provided. Therefore, water is always refreshed and no accumulation in tank.

In the case of selected causes of hydraulic tank, boiler safety valve If it is placed only up to a certain pressure relief valve opens and water akittir. During this opening leads to the loss of water and dirt. In addition, because of the safety valve calcifications can be seen in the titles of lime water. Difficulty in being satisfied the duty of the valve after a certain time (or permanently open or permanently closed in an advanced calcified) endanger the safety of the system. Choosing healthy for the prevention of all types of hydraulic tank is foreseen.

While choosing a pump for boiler heating fluid line, it should be considered the heating fluid flow rate and temperature since the expected capacities can be achieved only if the temperature and the
heating fluid are provided. Otherwise, the calculations do not keep the expected results and especially in peak (sudden) usage times, the boiler does not meet the expectations.

Buffer Tank